Hot Disc: Pins & Panzers, plus Canadian Music Week

If you’re going to judge an album by its cover, don’t make it this one: Plushgun’s Pins & Panzers (Tommy Boy) may be decorated in dubious taste, but underneath it’s pure (Euro)pop pleasure. (Sorry, the alliteration is sticking.) The ’90s are back—duh—but don’t guess nu-grunge; instead, remember singing “I’m a Barbie girl” into your pink plastic hairbrush and you’ll be very, very warm.
Out today, Pins & Panzers is the full-length debut from the Brooklyn threesome dominated by Daniel Ingala. He started in 2007 by adding synthesizer to his guitar string pluckings, which isn’t that interesting, actually. (Brooklyn bands have been doing that all decade.) What strikes us is his classical training and academic background, making for smart-mouthy lyrics and well-orchestrated choruses. But it’s not all that high-minded. Low-culture influences, from Eurotrash to emocore, make for indie-dance jams that will unleash your inner prom princess.

Ready to listen? Start with 2007’s MySpace hit “Just Impolite” before switching to the newer flavour of “How We Roll.” And if you like it, try it live this week: Plushgun will be playing back-to-back shows, March 12 and 13, at Wrongbar in Toronto.

Which reminds us! It’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto, so hit up for the line-up and ticket info. Our pick for party of the week? Tomorrow night’s Eye Weekly and MuseBox showcase at The Gladstone Hotel, starring Lioness (a disco band you’ll die for), Foxfire, and DJ duo Mansion.

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