Hot Disc: Ciao!

Listening to funky, big-club electro at lunchtime is sort of like wearing faux-snakeskin leggings to your day job, but guess what? I’m wearing faux-snakeskin leggings, and here I am, reviewing Ciao! (Last Gang Records) You haven’t heard? Hello: it’s only every rave song you’ll be sick of by summer, from Montreal megalomanic DJ Tiga ( (Actual quote from press release: “Once you realize you have the power to rent a limo anytime you please, you know in your heart that you’re not like other men.” Awesome.)

Made with the help of fellow clubbers like Soulwax and Gonzales, Tiga’s sophomore set goes like this: Beep. Beep. Beep-beep. And then sometimes, in what’s probably a nod to the ’80s video game trend, there’s a Bleep.
Is it all that bad? Of course not. It’s huge and it’s fun. It’s just confusing. Every time I think DJs have had their day, and will soon be relinquishing the night to some other revivalism—like, I don’t know, nu-punk—I get another sweaty whisper from the electro newswire. (Recent fave? La Lohan grooving with DJ Pump in Montreal last weekend, and requesting “rather bad music,” says our record label source.)
So, while your ear’s thus tuned, let me recommend you shake your Bakelite bangles with DJ Barletta (, the homeboy mixologist whose spanking-new EP, Panther, is hitting the club circuit next month.

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