This New H&M Kids Collection Is Sustainable and Adorable

Photography courtesy of H&M

As consumers become more conscious of fashion’s environmental impact, H&M will launch a collection of kids’ clothes in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. The line features comfy sweatshirts and hooded dresses with graphics of endangered species (think tigers, pandas, elephants and polar bears for your mini-me), made with organic cotton. WWF hopes the designs will help raise awareness among young consumers, with ten percent of every sale going towards the wildlife conservation organization’s endangered species program.

In 2011, H&M partnered with WWF to focus on sustainability issues that target responsible water use in the retailer’s supply chain. The partnership aims to lead by example and show other companies in the industry that sustainable practices are attainable on a large scale. In 2016, the partnership expanded to incorporate climate action aimed at diminishing greenhouse gas emissions. H&M’s goal is to become “climate positive” by 2040; meaning, they’ll reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than are produced in their value chain.

For now check out a selection of pieces from the new children’s collection bellow, which is launching on September 29th in H&M stores worldwide and online.



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