Hijabistas Langston Hues
Photography by Langston Hues/modeststreetfashion.com

Meet the Social Media Mavens Helping to Change the Face of the Modern Muslim Woman

For some women, an It bag is their must-have accessory. For some observant Muslim women, the hijab is the ultimate statement maker. Not only an important part of their religious beliefs, the traditional headscarf has caught up with fashion’s latest trends, breaking its way into the mainstream with the help of social media.

If the first Instagram stars were street stylers, the latest are “hijabistas,” who use the app (in addition to others) as an outlet to show off their style, find fashion inspiration, and meet their peers around the world. Social media has become a powerful tool allowing hijabistas to show young Muslim girls that they can still be fashionable while adhering to their faith. It’s also been a key factor in showing the Western world that hey, Muslim girls like being trendy too.

U.S.-based photographer Langston Hues has profiled those with some definite hijab swagger on his blog Modest Street Fashion. Currently shooting some of the most popular hijabi bloggers for his upcoming book of the same name, he’s found that sense of style exists, regardless of the parameters.

Bloggers like the ones Hues shoots are seen as influencers, and brands are beginning to see the potential of working with them to reach a larger, and for the most part untargeted, audience of Muslim women. In turn, businesses catering to Muslim women are on the rise and using social media to do so. Look at Hijab-ista, an one stop shop for all things hijab and other wardrobe essentials.

Here, we introduce you to some of our favourite hijabistas helping change the face of the modern Muslim woman.

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