PSA: Dollarama Is Selling A Halloween Decoration Featuring Tom Ford!

And it's only $2!


Dollar stores really don’t get the recognition they deserve. Everyone in our office uses it as a go-to for things like wine glasses, gift wrapping, table settings and random household wares like sponges. True story: associate fashion editor Eliza Grossman admits she hits up her local Dollarama at least once a week and even uses a visit to one as her reward for completing a spin class. And it’s where I head to get Halloween decorations like fake severed hands and feet, synthetic spider web and zombie makeup kits. But on Saturday I found something that I couldn’t quite believe.

It was a lenticular photo of TOM FORD that turns into some kind of demon or ghoul. I had to stare at it for a moment or two to confirm, as it was so random and unexpected. Then came the ensuing questions: HOW did this happen?!? Did someone in a factory in China just type in keywords “handsome man in tux” into Google Image Search and end up with this?! Or did the person who created this purposely choose him, having a chuckle to themselves at the absurdity of selling Tom Ford’s image at Dollarama? Aaaaand what would Ford do if he knew? Send a cease and desist? Further digging revealed that this has actually been carried by the store since 2015, as evidenced by these tweets:

I didn’t buy it that day but you can bet I went back on Sunday because I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided I need to own it. And there was only ONE. LEFT. Is it possible it’s one of those under the radar, best-selling items that Dollarama brings back every year? Either way, get yours now.