Halloween couples costumes: Everything you need to transform into your favourite twosomes

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If you’re going to do a couples’ costume this year, you better commit. Not just to the individual pieces that help make the below duos more myth than mortal, but to channeling their attitudes and essences that we, as regular humans, lack. (Unless you’re also a world-renowned human rights lawyer, and in that case, carry on.)

But while all very fancy, these dream-teams still share a knack for originality. (Despite what any tabloid would have us believe, they’re not just like us.) After all, Kanye and Kim may dress almost exclusively in black and denim, but they’ve kept the monochromatic interesting through leather dress pants and plunging necklines. Meanwhile, Beyoncé and Jay Z were On the Run this summer in fishnets, bodysuits, and whatever it is Jay Z was wearing (Tom Ford, I guess – but next to Beyoncé, who cares), and Brad and Angelina avoided wedding clichés thanks to their kids’ contributions to the Jolie-Pitt wedding dress. Amal and George? Their briefcases, blazers, and mini-dresses evoke mid-century Hollywood, while Kylie and Kendall brought dress slits to new heights at this year’s MMVAs.

So for one night, know that you and the person you love (or like, or need to dress up alongside for contest purposes) can have it all. Minus the actual magic that holds these people together, here’s everything you need.

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