Halifax: More closets, more dresses

A male roommate provides you with five key benefits: decor control, zero drama, towering entertainment systems, bathroom real estate and the bigger closet. For a clotheshorse like me, the latter is practically a godsend. When my roomie and I settled into our latest abode, the two closets in the far bedroom had my name all over them. However, a quick mental unpacking of all my garments had me at maximum capacity fast—too fast.

My foray into the land of frocks has yielded quite the collection and despite the seemingly ample closet space, a wardrobe worthy of a trip to Narnia was entirely necessary. With my army of dresses appropriately housed, the newfound elbowroom meant only one thing: time to strengthen the forces.

Call in Deux Fm’s Kat Dress ($178), my new favourite soldier. Hanging sweetly among the small-run Canadian designs at Halifax’s Love, Me Boutique (1539 Birmingham St., Halifax, 902-444-3668, lovemeboutique.ca), this organic cotton dress is everything I love about local designer Anna Gilkerson’s line: its successful blend of style and environmental awareness creates a unique look that is as earthy and grounded as it is fashion-forward and beautiful.

Abiding by Deux FM’s eco-chic approach, the Kat Dress—with its adorable sweetheart neckline, “twig” hue and deliciously deep pockets—is made of environmentally friendly fabrics and created under fair labour practices. The result is a luxurious garment that will hang proudly both in my new wardrobe and off these two shoulders. (Also available in black at Biscuit General Store, 1661 Argyle St., Halifax, 902-425-5436, biscuitgeneralstore.com)

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