Gucci launches a Canadian shopping site

The press release we received on Monday about’s new Canadian e-commerce site was a bit of a tease. Surely every red-blooded Canuck runway lover dashed right over to take a look, but alas, the site was not quite ready for us and our enthusiasm. (It seems cruel to tease a people who have long had to swallow “We do not ship orders outside of the continental U.S.”) But today’s the day–the Canada option has appeared at

The site offers everything–everything–from fragrance and wallets, right on up to shoes and ready-to-wear. (Lovely if you don’t live near one of Gucci’s two Canadian boutiques or one of the four Holt Renfrew stores that carry the collection.) Even if you don’t have the $3,055 for the kilt mini-dress, it makes for excellent lunch-time browsing. Like most e-shopping sites, you can zoom in or spin the items around for a better view. If you are in the market for a sequinned tunic or some stretch leather over-the-knee boots (thigh-highs are the must-have boot for fall, after all), the site is staffed up with personal shoppers to help you out.

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