Photography via Instagram/Interspectacula

Meet the Teen CEO Behind the Frank Ocean T-Shirt That’s Blowing Up the Internet

By 18 years old, most of us can agree we had a whole lot of nothing figured out. But for Kayla Robinson, 18 is looking a lot different. Though she started Green Box Shop in 2016, the online destination for outspoken social justice t-shirts has skyrocketed in popularity in recent days thanks to a little celeb love. Frank Ocean came out swinging at NYC’s Panorama Music Festival in a t-shirt declaring “Why be racist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet.” You have Robinson and her teenage dream team to thank for that truth bomb. It’s statements like these that the company built their brand on, with shirts for every social justice issue under the rainbow.

Photography via Green Box Shop

Perhaps this is why the t-shirts have also garnered attention from Zendaya, professing her love for the company to her 8.6 million Twitter followers just days before Frank Ocean set foot on stage. With all the high profile attention, Robinson’s t-shirts have created quite the buzz for a company that was started to raise money for her yoga instructor certification. The sudden interest in the ethically produced brand isn’t all that surprising however, given the current political landscape mixed with Robinson’s refusal to shy away from bold and cheeky statements like “American but Amerishouldn’t”. What can we say, Green Box Shop tells it like it is.