Are Granny Panties Making a Comeback?


When did cotton briefs and boy shorts move to the bottom of the underwear drawer and get banished to “that time of the month” territory? Even the too-tight thong beats them when I’m frantically digging through my drawer, desperate for something clean. Six years into my relationship they occasionally get the call up under the disguise of “sleep shorts”. No way am I admitting to my boyfriend that they belong in the same category as my lace delicates.

With the abundance of 90s’ trends making their return, we’re warming up to the idea of cotton briefs. The thick elastic band that was originally made cool by Calvin Klein may get us back into a full bum, cotton silhouette. Style aside, the lightweight, breathable fabric is actually good for you too, go ahead and ask your gyno. Cotton helps avoid irritation and infection often associated with synthetics (eek!). So go and take a long hard look at your drawer of delicates, then stock up on our 10 picks for pairs that will forever convert you to cotton.

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