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The Fur Coat Trend Gets An ‘Apocalyptic’ Update For 2017

Last month, Justin Bieber made headlines (and really pissed PETA off) when he stepped out wearing an oversized fur coat.

Let’s just say it was a look.

As Vogue noted, the statement coat smacks of “throwback, hip-hop vibes,” a trend that many celebrities of late have been adopting again (especially the Kardashians who love to appropriate embrace black culture).

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But unfortunately for PETA, it looks like fur coats won’t be going away any time soon. The two niche markets who most prominently sport the luxurious outerwear (fashion and hip-hop) are proudly putting their toppers on display, and more and more fashion magazines are featuring rappers wearing fur on their covers and in their editorials (think Kendrick Lamar on the cover of GQ Style‘s first-ever holiday issue last year).

That’s not to say the trend isn’t evolving. The latest incarnation of the fur coat appears to be more rugged, rather than luxe, and almost caveman-esque. Perhaps it’s the Game of Thrones effect, but this Vogue-dubbed “apocalyptic fur game” is a far cry from the lavish furs draped over artists in the ’90s and early 2000s (remember Diddy‘s lavish furs?).

Just last week, Migos‘ music video for “T-Shirt” put these deconstructed furs on full display — in fact, the entire clip looks like it could be a scene from The Revenant.

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The gold chains, rings and sunglasses are still very much a part of the Atlanta trio’s ensembles, but rather than a backdrop of mansions and Bentleys, we see yurts and trees (the women are obvi still there, though).

Almost makes the Biebs walking around in a fur blanket (yes, that happened too) seem normal, no?