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The Best (and Funniest) Instagram Accounts to Follow During Fashion Week

Including Fashion Week Frog, Stressed Stylist and LOL Model Agency.

Fashion Week Frog
“When you work in fashion but also dabble in Kermit Memes ??” reads the bio of this quirky Instagram account. The account debuted on the platform last September and has already amassed over 12K followers thanks to the hilarious memes that fashion insiders—and pretty much anyone who has ever attended fashion week—can relate to.

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That’s what credit cards are for!

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Miss Piggy is the face of this anonymous account founded by a fashion PR rep who knows the ins and outs (and quirks) of the industry. From working with editors to dealing with brands to coordinating press events, it’s not all smooth sailing.

Stressed Stylist
“Usually, when I create [a meme], I take inspiration from the experiences of my followers: stylists are often overlooked by the fashion industry,” the anonymous creator of this account tells Vogue Italia. The account, with over 32K followers, offers a peek at the less-glamorous side of the styling biz—the long work days, the hustle for payments, and the reality of life on set.

Fashion Assistants
As anyone who has watched The Devil Wears Prada knows, fashion assistants have got it rough. From packing for shoots to coordinating international clothing deliveries to juggling clients, stylists and models, no task is off limits, and this anonymous account—whose bio simply reads “chasing broken dreams”—touches on it all.

LOL Model Agency
Being a model is no easy gig, and nothing drives home that point better than LOL Model Agency. “I opened my account to make fun of an ego-dominated world. Fashion is still seen as an elite industry, while memes make it more human and accessible,” the creator tells Vogue Italia.

Shit Model Mgmt
Another account that both satirizes and sheds light on the realities of being a model, Shit Model Mgmt has over 154K followers on Instagram and posts about everything from body shaming to frustrating conversations with agents.

Diet Prada
And of course, no fashion account roundup is complete without Diet Prada. Founded with the aim of being an industry watchdog, the creators regularly share posts about designers who have knocked off their peers’ designs, cultural appropriation, celeb looks and more. And of course, there are memes aplenty.

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