Free the nipple: 10 celebs who have been daring to bare all along

Photography by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

10 celebs who have dared to bare their nipples »

Still mourning the loss of @badgalriri on Instagram? Us too. Back in April, Rihanna was kicked off the site for posting images from a photo shoot she’d done, featuring pop music’s most infamous set of nipples. Soon after, Demi and Bruce’s daughter, Scout Willis, walked the streets of NYC topless, protesting her own Instagram ban for posting a photo of two topless women (actually, a photo of a T-shirt with two topless women on it, to be more precise).

Instead of T-shirts women have now taken to fully stripping down and replacing their own nipples with their male counterparts »

If that’s not enough nipple action for you, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #freethenipple floating around your news feeds; it’s based on the campaign and film of the same name, which protest the censorship laws surrounding women’s nipples in the US. Currently, in most states, nipple-baring is legal for men but not women, and that includes breast-feeding in public.

We take a look at some of the celebs who have recently dared to bare, and some who have been doing so for ages. Which do you think is the most iconic nipple-baring red carpet outfit?

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