Fellow Earthling sunglasses
Photography via Instagram/@FellowEarthlings

These Canadian-Made Sunglasses Count Justin Trudeau as a Fan

“We are excited for these to be a shining example of our commitment to sustainability and also creativity.”

Scrolling through Fellow Earthlings’ Instagram feed gives new meaning to the hashtag #goals. You’ll see husband and wife Chris and Sydney Seggie’s light-filled workshop by the sea, their lovingly handmade sunglasses (the company’s raison d’être) and cameos by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who posed with the couple’s infant son, Louis. Even fashion designer Anna Sui—with whom they’ve worked on special projects—regularly comments. Not too shabby for a little company (as in just four employees) based in Guernsey Cove, PEI.

Originally from the East Coast, the couple returned home after work stints in London and Hong Kong. PEI proved perfect for Fellow Earthlings’ HQ. This isn’t the first time that the island has supported eyewear manufacturing. In fact, in the 1980s, the Tannereye factory crafted frames for big-name brands like Ray-Ban and Ralph Lauren. The Seggies were able to tap into this forgotten past by learning long-lost skills (Chris apprenticed with a 55-year industry veteran) and by repurposing old equipment in their modern workshop.

Speaking of their workshop: It’s right next door to the farmhouse they live in with their three children. “Our commute is only a few steps,” Sydney jokes. But a car-free commute isn’t the only way the couple is keeping their footprint small. The frames at Fellow Earthlings are made of acetate (a type of bioplastic), the cases are organic cotton and the boxes are also mailers, so the “packaging has purpose,” says Sydney. Their newest frames, the “Stained Glasses,” are made completely from scrap material. “We are excited for these to be a shining example of our commitment to sustainability and also creativity,” she says.

It’s this type of innovation that caught the attention of Alexandra Weston, Holt Renfrew’s director of brand and creative strategy, who invited Fellow Earthlings to join the H Project Uncrate Canada collection earlier this year. For now, most orders are made online, and the four-week turnaround is just enough time to make you wonder if they’ll ever arrive. But, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Build your pair of custom Fellow Earthling sunglasses below:

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