Father’s day: Indochino suits for a dapper dad

My dad lives in Calgary, which makes Father’s Day gifting a bit difficult (a friend once shipped her pop a box of home-baked cookies, but she always wondered if he actually ate them). Just in time for this year’s celebration of all things paternal, though, Indochino (indochino.com) has launched Indochino Blueprint, a collection of custom-made suiting (from USD$279) with new and expanded customization options. Choices in collar felt, lining patterns, and even the colour of your button hole thread are now possible and build on last year’s introduction of 40-character monogramming options. Available on six grey suits and two more fashion-y blazers, I’m thinking my Dad is just the kind of guy who would love a jacket with a bright blue lining and “#1 DAD” on the inside. Plus, if I press Order now, it’ll arrive in a sleek, black box on his doorstep in just two weeks (the company actually ships to over 60 countries)—just in time!

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