Fashion news: Christian Siriano to star in reality show, crocs are saved and Marc Jacobs sells Lady Gaga comic

Christian Siriano is getting his own TV show. Bravo announced the reality gig will follow Siriano as he fiercely organizes his fierce new store and works on his fierce clothing line (which he does very fiercely). If you can stomach all these f-bombs, then tune in. [The Cut] [YouTube]

London’s Tate Modern exhibit “Pop Life: Art in a Material World” featured a photograph of a 10-year-old Brooke Shields in the buff. Although it was kept in a separate room with a warning labelled “challenging,” it has since been removed by the Obscene Publications Unit for further investigation into obscenity laws it may violate. [The Cut]

Lady GaGa and Marc Jacobs have teamed up once again, this time in a comic book created by artist Brian Einersen to be sold exclusively at Marc Jacobs stores. The fashion-focused comic references the likes of Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, so for $2 it may be worth it, even if you really, really hate Lady GaGa. [Fashionista]

Things are looking up for Crocs. Despite rumours that Crocs was on its economic deathbed, PNC Financial Services Group has fronted a $30 million dollar loan to the shoe brand. Why oh why did these slip-ons ever leave the garden? [The Cut]