Fashion news: NYFW may be picketed by someone other than PETA, DVF does hospital gowns, and American Apparel is $120 mil in the hole

image via The Cut
image via The Cut

Storm’s a-brewing over who will work New York Fashion Week at it’s debut run at the Lincoln Center – will it be IMG Fashion, who normally works NYFW gigs or Local One, the union in charge of all theatrical endeavours at the Lincoln.  NYFW is threatened with picketing, should this heat up any further. And upon hearing this news, the red paint-baring PETA people are presumably cheering, “the more, the merrier.” [Wall Street Journal via The Cut]

We’ve just gotten our first look at Oasis-man Liam Gallagher‘s lookbook for his very necessary line Pretty Green. It’s been noted that he’s really outdone himself: Among the forgettable neutrals there’s a red velvet peacoat (colour! can you imagine!?). Apparently Gallagher can’t, which may be why the self-styled and self-modelled lookbook features Liam starring up at the sky in full existential-contemplation mode, as if to ponder, “what does the red peacoat mean?’ [The Cut]

And speaking of musicians crossing over into fashion, Maroon 5 (remember them?) head-crooner Adam Levine has decided that now, he too must have a fashion line. It’s called 222 and he’s starting it up with his father, cousin and stylist. Says Levine of the family affair: “I’m not just hawking something because I’m in a famous band.” Right. [WWD]

Apparently, Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is just dying to get on the cover of American Vogue. [Metro]

If there’s one thing that Robin Williams taught us, it’s that laughter is the best medicine. But what about some designer goodies? Diane Von Furstenburg recently designed hospital gowns with fun prints for the Cleveland Clinic. [Newsweek]

Kanye West tweeted a photo of himself a pair of non-lederhosen leather shorts. He’s also tweeted recently that he jogs in Lanvin and sometimes gets emotional over fonts. Maybe the fact that he will never be as perfect as Helvetica is bringing him down? [Fashion Indie, @KanyeWest]

Plastic surgeon and bringer of Heidi Montag’s breasts, Dr. Frank Ryan was recently killed in a car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway. [TMZ]

American Apparel, in $120 million debt, may have to file for bankruptcy. [Fashionista]