Fashion news: Noot Seear in Law & Order jail, Calvin Klein makes crotch-friendly jeans, and more

Photo via Harper's Bazaar
Photo via Harper's Bazaar

Our November cover girl, Noot Seear, was arrested by the cast of Law & Order in the latest Harper’s Bazaar. [Live Journal]

Jonny Johansson, the founder of Acne, has said he would like his label to be recognized for more than their slim fitting jeans. The brand is also home to a full clothing line as well as a magazine Johansson started called Acne Paper. This collective began with Johansson’s past dabbling in furniture design, music and fashion—with the full name of Ambition to Create Novel Expressions an indicator of the far-reaching creative abilities of the man behind the jeans company. A collaboration with Alber Elbaz has taken Acne into a luxury standard and higher price point—giving the company its much-deserved appreciation in the design community and building its rep. [NY Times]

The new Body by Calvin Klein Jeans promise to give men just that—body. The selling point of the carefully-constructed denim is the illusion of a package it promises to insecure men. The “body-defining fit for an enhanced profile” just sounds ridiculous–like a push-up bra for men’s crotches, giving a little extra lift–and leaves little guesswork. I guess the only thing getting between men and their Calvins was, well, a sock. [Observer]

Lindsay Lohan denies having anything to do with the glitter pasties on the models at the Ungaro show. “I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out,” she says. Not sure if that makes it better. [People, via The Cut]

The battle between Ralph Lauren and Filippa Hamilton continues despite the designer’s apology for the shocking retouched ad that’s been circulating to the delight of critical bloggers everywhere. Hamilton claims she was fired for being “overweight.” Of the photo, she has said, “I was shocked to see that super skinny girl with my face.” [Huffington Post]

Betsey Johnson was awarded the 2009 Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement in Fashion earlier this week. “It’s the biggest, best, fair-square celebration from the last place I’d dreamt of,” said Johnson of the win. The designer’s career spans four-decades and has come out of some of the most politically and socially charged movements of the 20th century. Her encouraging words for the future of fashion design? “Hard times always lead to something great.” [WSJ]

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