Fashion news: Natalie Portman for Dior, Mulberry for Target, a lipstick record and fragrance for jaguars

Photography by James Helmer

Natalie Portman, the pint-sized actress who really can do no wrong, has just signed a contract with Perfums Christian Dior to be the new face of the brand. [WWD]

The explanation to why there have been so many resort shows this year has been twittering  about the blogosphere. It’s simple, according to The Wall Street Journal‘s Christina Binkley: Anna Wintour asked for them. [Fashionologie]

In a speech for Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement nominee Michael Kors at last night’s CFDA Awards, Anna Wintour gave him a good-natured roasting when she told the crowd the Kors once refused to get out of the ocean because he didn’t want Ralph Lauren to see him in a swimsuit. [] See our gallery from the CFDAs

Plan your road trips now, the just-announced Mulberry for Target collection hits stores this October. [Racked]

As we noted last year, Naomi Campbell is being sued for failing to promote the fragrances Cat Deluxe and Cat Deluxe with Kisses. Details have emerged: Campbell allegedly attempted to attack someone with a perfume bottle and apparently, she also refused to walk a flight of stairs to a TV studio, because the elevator was broken. Seems reasonable.  [Huffington Post]

For your random fact du jour, Estée Lauder make up artist Rick DiCecca broke a Guinness record for most lipstick applications within an hour. How many did he do? Oh, 303.  [StyleList]

Cheetahs, tigers, jaguars and other big cats apparently love the scent of Obsession for Men. Field biologists have been using it to study the animals in the wild. [WSJ, via Racked]