Fashion news: Mona Lisa Gaga, a tax on tanning and Naomi Campbell’s reality show

Photo via Racked

Photo via Racked

Lady Gaga is a powerful force in both fashion and music–one that Black Book says could take on Anna Wintour in numbers alone—while the “Bad Romance” video has 30 million hits on YouTube, an issue of Vogue has a circulation of about 1.2 million copies. Racked’s recent reader’s choice poll of the best Photoshopped image of Gaga suggests the public’s obsession with her bizarre everything is here to stay. By the way, the Mona Lisa Gaga won with 44% of the vote. [Racked, Blackbook]

With the auction of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s items done and over with, their Paris duplex is next up for sale. With a garden and 5,400 square feet of space, the apartment is expected to sell for around $30 million. [WWD]

Fake and bakers may have to pay more for their indoor-tanning rituals as Senate Democrats in the US consider taxing the unhealthy habit. Though the tax is in the wee stages of development, research has shown that indoor tanners are addicts in their own right—with the beds proven to be just as harmful as smoking. [The Cut]

Gisele has apparently given birth to a baby boy. Though Tom Brady already has a child, Gisele is a first-time new mommy. [The Cut]

Naomi Campbell is in negotiations to host a reality show. The show would feature aspiring models, à la ANTM, with Campbell starring as the mother hen, but without so much of the maternal nurturing that Tyra gives her girls. Naomi is far more intimidating and her kind of crazy would make for some quality reality TV. [The Cut]

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