Fashion news: Get your Wild Things onesie, Photoshop regs in France and Anna holds things up at Prada

Halloween is only a month away and boy do we have the perfect costume for you–assuming you’re a huge fan of onesies and Where the Wild Things Are. [Opening Ceremony]

A proposed French law has members of the fashion industry up in arms. The law, which would label manipulated images to help combat eating disorders, is currently backed by 50 politicians. Tony Chambers, editor-in-chief of Wallpaper argues, “These things should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Fantasy and artistic interpretation are core ingredients in fashion, advertising and art photography.” [WWD, via The Cut] What do you think? Should Photoshopped pics be labelled as such? Tell us in the comments?

French Connection is launching a line of baby clothing called fc:baby. Rompers, hats and onesies for 0 to 18 month-olds will be available online and in some stores in London and Manchester this week. [Telegraph]

Once again, our lives were put on hold for Ms. Wintour. The Spring 2010 Prada press show was delayed an hour because Anna wanted to introduce Giorgio Armani to Roger Federer. [Fashionologie]

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