Fashion news: Erin Wasson goes preppy, Louboutin for Barbie and a happy belated b-day to ALT!

Can’t believe we missed this: Our favourite caftan-wearing Vogue editor, André Leon Talley, turned 60 on Friday. We’d send you more Louis Vuitton as a gift, but you appear to have it all [Proof]. [FWD]

If only we could all lose our tacky phone cases and upgrade to a dazzling Dior phone. With the price ranging from $6,500 to $13,400, Dior has designed a line of luxe cell phones bedazzled in different gems. From gold-plated with sapphire crystals to the diamond-encrusted flip phone, the flashiest phone to ever be flipped seems to have arrived. [The Cut]

Christian Louboutin has a special place for Barbie in his heart and his collections. The designer’s partnership with the iconic doll includes a Louboutin shoe inspired by Barbie and a collection of dolls. The designer will steal the coveted title of Barbie’s godfather for one whole year. Only a year? In Barbie years, that isn’t very long. But after redesigning the doll’s alleged “cankles,” Louboutin has deeply offended fans of Barbie. Talk about putting your foot—or Barbie’s—in your mouth. [The Cut]

Erin Wasson has traded in her signature beach bum ensemble for a more prim and proper preppy look in the new J. Crew catalogue. We didn’t know she had it in her. [Refinery29]

Tim Gunn has a cameo part in the second installment of Sex and the City. We’re guessing he’ll be playing himself. [E! Online]

The CFDA and Mayor Bloomberg are holding a competition for fresh-faced designers in New York, who will snag a work space in the garment district if chosen. The 12 winners will occupy a space in the neighbourhood, where higher rents are threatening to push young up-and-comers out. Finalists will be chosen in December, but without a reality show linked to the competition, how’s a girl to stay in the know?
[The Cut]

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