FASHION Receives 9 Nominations at the National Magazine Awards

For over 40 years, FASHION has been one of the top publications to report on the latest fashion and beauty trends in Canadian journalism. This year, FASHION is honoured to receive nine nominations from the National Magazine Awards. We have always strived to deliver up-to-date insight on trends and create thought-provoking editorial content. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that makes that goal possible and congratulate all our writers, editors, photographers, stylists and more on this incredible achievement.

FASHION is nominated in the following categories:

Best Magazine: Fashion & Beauty

  • Jacqueline Loch, publisher
  • Noreen Flanagan, editor
  • Brittany Eccles, Hilary Hatt, Nicole Livey art directors
  • Published by: St. Joseph Media

Best Editorial Package: 

“The State of Sisterhood: Meet the Women who are Changing the World”

  • Noreen Flanagan, Jacquelyn Francis, Lesa Hannah, editors
  • Hilary Hatt, art director
  • Max Abadian, Malina Corpadean, photographers
  • George Antonopoulos, stylist
  • Sabrina Rinaldi, Nicolas Blanchet, makeup/hair
  • Liisa Winkler, model
  • Lucia Perna, fashion assistant
  • Noreen Flanagan, Christina Reynolds, Aliyah Shamsher, Eva Friede, Carly Osthoff, Nancy Won, Jacquelyn Francis, Emilie Dingfield, Caroline Gault, Alexandra Breen, Sarah Daniel, Lesa Hannah, Liza Herz, writers
  • Hillary Hatt, Nicole Livey, Brendan Fisher, art designers

Cover Grand Prix:

 “40 Years of Style”

  • Brittany Eccles, art director
  • Noreen Flanagan, editor
  • Owen Bruce, photographer
  • Benjamin Shine, artist
  • Anna Katsanis, stylist
  • Lucas Wilson, hair
  • Linda Gradin, makeup
  • Rieko Okusa, manicure
  • Alexandra Rudolph, fashion assistant
  • Amber Whitcomb, model

“Your. Best. Summer. Ever”

  • Brittany Eccles, art director
  • Noreen Flanagan, editor
  • Javier Lovera, photographer
  • George Antonopoulos, stylist
  • Sabrina Rinaldi, makeup
  • Heather Marks, model
  • Erin Reynolds, photo editor

Short Feature Writing:

“Vocal Reaction”

  • Sarah Liss, writer
  • Noreen Flanagan, handling editor

Portraits Photography: 

“Dream Weaver”

  • Max Abadian, photographer
  • Hilary Hatt, art director
  • Noreen Flanagan, editor & writer
  • George Antonopoulos, styling
  • Sabrina Rinaldi, makeup
  • Lucia Perna, fashion assistant
  • Erin Reynolds, photo editor

“Oh My Lorde”

  • Arkan Zakharov, photographer
  • Brittany Eccles, art director
  • Greg Hudson, editor
  • Kemal Harris, styling
  • Cameron Rains, hair
  • Amber Dreadon, makeup
  • Riwako Kobayashi, manicure
  • Gillian Harrison, prop stylist
  • Traci Franklin, fashion assistant
  • Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor), cover subject

Lifestyle Photography: 


  • Chris Nicholls, photographer
  • Brittany Eccles, art director
  • Lesa Hannah, Souzan Michael, editor
  • Patrick Ta, makeup
  • Marisa Sears, hair
  • Nargis Khan, manicure
  • Eliza Grossman, stylist
  • Karina Yaceyko, fashion assistant
  • Judith Maria Bradley, model

“She Walks in Beauty”

  • Owen Bruce, photographer
  • Brittany Eccles, art director
  • Noreen Flanagan, editor
  • Linda Gradin, makeup
  • Lucas Wilson, hair
  • Rieko Okusa, manicure
  • Anna Katsanis, stylist
  • Alexandria Rudolph, fashion assistant
  • Amber Witcomb, model

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