From skinny jeans to flip flops, 5 fashion health risks you probably take every day

fashion health risks
Photography by Peter Stigter

Just as our mothers have always told us, beauty is pain, a fact that couldn’t be more true with today’s news of a 35-year-old Australian woman who was hospitalized over the weekend for wearing skinny jeans (yes, you read that right). After spending a day squatting and lifting in her tight pants, the woman lost feeling in her legs on her walk home, and had to crawl to the side of the road to hail herself a cab to the hospital. Not only is she totally hardcore, but she’s also been officially labelled as a fashion victim by her doctor. And as cool of a party joke as that may be to to tell, none of us aspire to suffer the same fate. To help you avoid some of fashion’s perils, we’ve compiled a list of the most common trends that pose risks to your health.