Photo courtesy of Marilyn Brooks.

Designer Marilyn Brooks Reflects on 40 Years in Fashion

Behind the Seams is a new memoir from Canadian fashion icon Marilyn Brooks.

Former designer and boutique owner, Marilyn Brooks‘ new book Behind the Seams is a delightful look back on her years of adventure in fashion, music and art. Behind the Seams  is equal parts memoir and guide for new entrepreneurs on the do’s and don’ts of business. Each chapter takes you on an anecdotal journey through Brooks’ industry experiences. We spoke with Brooks, from San Francisco, about the process of creating her book and what she hopes readers will gain from these memorable events.

Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Brooks.

Why did you decide to write Behind the Seams?

Throughout my career I have always mentored young talent. By writing this book I wanted to encourage young people, who have the desire and talent to get into fashion, to believe that if I could do it then they can.

There are plenty of narratives in this book. How did you decide what needed to be shared?

I blazed many trails in retailing and fashion design and I wanted to include those stories as well as the “bumps” in the road that every entrepreneur experiences.

During the process of putting together Behind the Seams, was there ever a moment where you thought this is not working out the way you intended?

It took seven years to get my memoir published and during that time there were definitely moments that challenged my goal of sharing my experiences. As always, perseverance paid off.

What is the overall message you would like your readers to gain from this book?

Never give up! Believe in yourself.

(Marilyn Brooks will be signing copies of Behind the Seams on December 9th, at Jeanne Lottie, 32 Scollard Street in Toronto, between 11:30 and 3:30)

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