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20 Fashionable Coffee Table Books to Gift This Holiday Season

Shopping for a fashion-lover can be a little nerve-wracking. Will the sweater you’ve selected go with their carefully curated closet? Do they like scarves? How about bold patterns? Style can be such a personal thing and–even if it is the thought that counts–it can be overwhelming to try and get it right.

We suggest you ditch the clothing stores and explore a bookstore instead. Coffee table books are the kind of luxurious objects people rarely think to buy for themselves, and as such, they tend to make amazing gifts. Fashion-related coffee table books are some of the most beautiful out there, and whether you go with a book of editorial shoots taken straight from the glossy pages of magazines, or an in-depth look at an iconic designers of the past, your fashion-loving friend is sure to be thrilled.

Browse through our top 20 picks below, and while you’re at it, grab one for yourself.

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