Fall's Most Fashionable Cat Ladies
Photography via IMAXTREE

6 Reasons Why the Fall Runways are Every Cat Lady’s Dream Come True

There are cat ladies, and then there are cat ladies. Feline-covered cardigans, cat collectors and senders of cute cat memes are dead giveaways, but it might be a little tougher to tell the reals from the fakes this fall with so many kitties on the runway.

Never before have designers elevated the cat lady to such great heights. At Dolce & Gabbana, the purses proudly proclaim, “I love my cat” (these are practically catnip) and the jeans feature fuzzy little faces. Miu Miu’s Siamese print done in sequins is a glam take while Gucci’s printed tees are right out of a vintage cats-of-the-month calendar. Whiskers and wee noses appeared on little lady bags at Charlotte Olympia and Kate Spade, and Loewe did a grown up stuffed version.

No matter which way you choose to show your love for your feline friends, here are the best runway moments we can’t wait to dig our claws into.

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