Fashion by Age: 59 ways to wear florals in your twenties, thirties and beyond

Fashion By Age

Fashion By Age

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How important is it to dress age appropriately? This is a question that, when asked, will generate a variety of different answers. Fashion by age is hardly a new phenomenon, but the contrast between what is or is not appropriate for certain ages has changed overtime. There may be some styles that are thought to be more suited to one age over another, but as we all know by now, fashion is never that black and white.

Keeping that in mind, check out our selection of the best spring pieces that work for a variety of different ages. From bright printed pants to classic blazers, these beautiful bouquet pieces can work for any age.

This spring, we saw colour and standout graphic prints. Peplum tops and dresses are still going strong, as are flirty A-line skirts. For the woman in her 20s who is willing to take a fashion risk, we love a statement floral necklace to complete any summertime look. Floral pants are also still going strong this year, but new, tasteful versions are a far cry from what you might find in a teenager’s closet. Worn with a structured blazer or a modest trench coat, this look can be adopted by any age.

For those looking to adopt a more professional look, a navy blue floral top paired with straight-leg pants might be the perfect daytime uniform. And who could resist Prada’s sophisticated Japanese flowers fastened onto ladylike purses? A pencil skirt and a silk blouse are all you need to evoke a sense of maturity and professionalism.

Finally, keep in mind that fashion by age can be redefined by experimenting with new trends. Think about your own lifestyle and what makes you comfortable. Click through our selection of age appropriate spring looks for some inspiration.