8 hot new denim trends, 56 ways to wear them

fall denim guide

There’s no denying it, jeans are a closet essential. They’re the first date go-to, the Sunday morning brunch uniform and the casual Friday staple. They survive suitcase abuse, concert dance marathons and nights out paired with the spindliest stilettos. Dress them up, or dress them down, denim will always hold a place in our hearts (and wardrobes). And come September (like every year since the first grade), they top our shopping lists. But which are the best pairs to reach for this fall? Luckily, the runway was rife with options and ideas, and you’re bound to find a new go-to.

Fashion’s heavyweights weighed in on the matter with everyone from Tom Ford and Chloé, to Moschino and Marc by Marc Jacobs reworking jeans, jackets, overalls and skirts to fit in with fall’s girl gang tribes. Boho babes are back, but this time, take your flares out of the ’70s with a leopard print coat and cozy knit tuque. Shearling jackets and midi skirts, down-home staples, entered cooler territory when paired with tall leather boots and pretty bow blouses. Culottes came back at DSquared. Make them modern with a cropped band jacket and fuzzy scarf. Goth standbys – studs, patches and shredded details – all took centre stage too. You can’t go wrong wearing them with lace up boots and plenty of leather. Even overalls got a makeover at Moschino. Make yours glam with long golden necklaces and metallic pumps. No matter which look you choose, make sure they’re worthy of that coveted spot in your closet.