This European-Fave Swimwear Company Caters to Every Body and Style

It’s determined to help anyone find the perfect swimsuit

We all know finding the perfect swimsuit can be extremely stressful. With so many different styles on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which bathing suit or bikini will make us look and feel our best — and fit within our price ranges.

That’s where Adolf Riedl comes in. The family-owned company has been making swimwear for over 70 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about manufacturing swimsuits that bridge the gap between trendy styles and unparalleled fit, all while maintaining exceptional quality. Its commitment to fashion, fit, innovation, quality and price is what has made the German brand one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear throughout Europe and has made them the go-to brand for women, not just in Europe, but all around the world.

Adolf Riedl owns and operates five different swimwear brands under its umbrella, each catering to different customer needs and all available in Canada via Isabelle Brodeur agency. By offering different brands, its main goal is to provide the perfect swimwear for every woman and every man and to look after the “3Bs” for women to look their best: the boobs, the bum and the belly. Read on to learn more about this European-fave swimwear company:

Sunflair beachfashion
Sunflair started off as an elegant swimwear range when it first launched in 1980. Its aim was to offer a unique and exclusive range of high-quality swimwear and matching beach fashion at a competitive price point tailored to elegant ladies, girls with spirit and the sporty man. Typical sets for women included brightly-coloured swimwear separates with pearl appliques, belts, or unique trims and matching pants and blouses to match. Keeping in mind the fit preference of its customer, Sunflair offered slimming cuts and fully body control swimsuits with a skirt to help wearers look and feel their best.

These days Sunflair has become known for its “fashion meets function” styles that allow women to feel more confident than ever in their swimwear.

Founded in 1992, Sunmarin has become known for having the perfect combination of price and performance. It offers beautiful designs in great cuts and an exceptionally good fit, all at an unbeatable price.

OPERA swim fascination
OPERA, like its name might suggest, is for elegant women. It offers ladylike fashions featuring lavish details and high-quality finishes for the beach, pool, and spa.

Launched in the early ‘90s when demand for elegant and luxurious styles was rising, OPERA focused on providing the very best quality swimwear to its customers. The range offers sophisticated styles in luxe fabrics in elegant cuts, all perfectly tailored so women can feel their best both in and out of the water.

Adolf Riedl‘s newest brand (since 2018) is made for the man who is a little rough around the edges and stays true to himself, no matter what he does. With a whopping 70 styles and five product lines (Classic, Beach, Sports, Premium, and Kids), every man is guaranteed to find his perfect suit for his style, whether that be cheeky, tasteful, sexy, dignified, casual, or sporty. Of course, Wavebreaker ensures the world-class fit and comfort that its parent company has become known for.

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