Environmental Footprint Quiz
Photography by Charlie Engman/Trunk Archive

Are You Doing Enough for the Planet? Take Our Environmental Footprint Quiz to Find Out!

Sure there are still climate change deniers out there, but for the most part we can all agree that humans’ impact on the environment has been far from favourable. From polluting the atmosphere to choking our oceans, from producing monumental amounts of waste to urbanizing farmland, our actions have been steadily taking a toll on the planet to the point that we can no longer deny our own culpability. Face it: there isn’t some proverbial villain out there on whom we can pin the blame—that’s on each and every one of us. Which means it’s also on us to make amends wherever possible. Take our quick quiz to find out how your daily actions affect the planet because to make a change—any change—the first step is always acceptance.

You’re heading out for a run. Do you:

a. buy a plastic bottle of water on your route
b. hope to find a water fountain along the way
c. carry your own reusable water bottle

Your closet needs an update. Do you:

a. hit up a few fast-fashion stores for trendy, of-the-moment pieces
b. do research online and pick out a few high-quality items that will last you several years
c. head to the vintage/consignment stores in your neighbourhood

You’re on your way to your local café for an afternoon pick-me-up. Do you:

a. grab a hot or iced coffee to go
b. drink your beverage at the café in reusable glassware
c. carry your own coffee mug or steel straw and bring the drink back to work

You’re going to the grocery store. Do you:

a. take home your groceries in a bunch of plastic carry bags
b. buy reusable bags at the store (and try to remember to bring them the next time!)
c. bring your own tote bags

Which of these is the best representation of how you shop for groceries?

a. you pick up items you need or any that catch your eye, regardless of provenance
b. you make sure all the produce you buy is organic
c. you only shop at local farmers’ markets

You’re planning dinners for the week. Does your menu mainly involve:

a. something with red meat
b. something with white meat or fish
c. plant-based meals

It’s time to throw out the trash. Do you:

a. throw everything out as one
b. have separate bags/bins for food waste and recycling
c. have a separate bin for compost in addition to recycling and general waste

How often do you use a washer/dryer?

a. no more than three loads a week
b. no more than one load a week
c. no more than three loads a month

What’s your preferred mode of transportation?

a. personal car or cab
b. public transit
c. walking or biking

How often do you travel by plane?

a. once a month
b. several times a year
c. once a year

The results? Count the number of times you answered (a), (b) and (c). For each:

a. give yourself 1 point
b. give yourself 2 points
c. give yourself 3 points

If you score 15 points or under, get with the times! You’re not thinking enough about your daily choices and their impact on the planet.

If you score between 15 and 25 points, you’re aware that there are things you can do to lessen your environmental impact, but there’s still some room to grow.

If you score 25 to 30 points, you weigh your decisions carefully regarding the planet. Share your tips with friends and colleagues!

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