Emily In Paris Season Two
Photography courtesy of Netflix

Emily in Paris Season Two Promises Jogging Appropriate Clothing

Expect more luxe locations, handsome frenchmen and decadent looks.

I’ll just come out and say it: The fashion from the first season of Emily in Paris was a disappointment.

As one of 2020’s most anticipated new releases, it had all the makings to fill the Upper East Side-sized hole that Gossip Girl left in its wake. Legendary costume designer and Sex and The City fairy godmother Patricia Field, check! Audrey Hepburn look-alike and rising style icon Lily Collins, check! A glamorous and overly idealized location, check! But what fans got instead was a mismatch of cliché storylines, a white-washed cast, a parade of French stereotypes, unrealistic social media expectations and some extremely odd outfit choices. I mean, does anyone jog in a Chanel eyelet blouse?!

But despite the public displays of disdain, everyone, and I do mean everyone, couldn’t seem to turn away. It was Netflix’s most popular comedy series last year, with 58 million households streaming it in its first 28 days, and the sheer volume of posts, memes and articles that it spawned is nothing if not admirable. So with all this publicity, it came as no surprise that a season two was announced only a few weeks after its initial release.


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While photos have been slowly trickling in over the past few months, the first trailer for Emily in Paris season two was released earlier today and has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views. So what’s next for the American expat? It appears more Gabriel drama, perhaps a new love interest, a Roman Holiday-esque Vespa and fancier designer clothing. The level of style has yet to be determined — I am happy to report that she has finally found some jogging-appropriate attire — but judging from the glimpses we’ve seen, I’m remaining slightly optimistic. Feel free to assess for yourself as all the on-set fashion we’ve spotted so far is listed below.

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