Edmonton: Recession-proof pink

I am and always have been a sheer lipgloss girl but lately, I feel like wearing lipstick.  Pink lipstick to be exact.  I have yet to figure out where this sudden urge to paint my lips with brightly-hued colours originated from, but I am working on a few theories:

A) History repeating itself: During the Great Depression economists coined the phrase “the lipstick effect” to describe the surge in North American lipstick sales despite a ravaged economy.  Until now, I hadn’t realized a single tube of lipstick could have such a profound effect on one’s psyche.
B) Winter woes: After five months of snow, I am quite ready for spring.
C) Be my Valentine: Pink hearts, pink petals, pink lingerie, pink bonbons…
D) I recently watched Funny Face and perhaps it was Maggie declaring, “to the women everywhere, banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige.  From now on girls…think pink!” that has me seeing shades of, well, pink.

Whatever the reason, Juicy Tubes and Rosebud Salve no longer take up the most coveted spot on my vanity.  In their place, I now have Lola’s “90210” ($24), The Balm’s “Scoop” (shown, $20) and “Pink Flamingo” by Too Faced ($25).  All pinky shades and all available at Beauty Junkie (2464 Europa Blvd., West Edmonton Mall, 780-484-3302, beautyjunkie.ca).  The men in my life (my husband and three very young sons) can’t take their eyes off my lips.

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