Dree Hemingway made a collection for Sandro, and it’s coming to the Bay!

Well, lookie here! We hadn’t even heard a whisper about this, but apparently our favourite model/literary offspring has been busy. Just in time for Sandro’s New York store opening and U.S. online shop (they ship to Canada, trust us), the awesomely amazing French brand has teamed up with Dree Hemingway to create a distinctly American-feeling 10-piece capsule collection. The collection has easy printed and tie-dyed separates that reference the model’s childhood and “family spirit.” While we don’t exactly get For Whom the Bell Tolls from an ikat blouse, we’d also be referencing the late, great Ernest Hemingway till the cash cows came home if we were his descendants.

Dree Hemingway for Sandro will be available in Canada exclusively at the Bay beginning in March 2012.

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