dorm decor
Photography via Pinterest

5 Dorm Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Pinterest-Worthy

The year before I started university I had helped an older friend scour Kensington Market in Toronto for the perfect throw pillows. When it came time for me to move away to school, I felt prepared to start my own style search.  I arrived on campus thinking my room was going to be the envy of my floormates. I had picked out pink and orange bedding (cringe) and topped it off with a hanging mesh bug net which eventually just collected dust. My mother and sister took a stroll down the hallway to size up to competition and spied a room straight out of a Pottery Barn catalogue. A professional decorator had to have been involved and that fellow freshman and I were destined to become fast friends.

With an overload of Pinterest inspiration and DIY decor ideas, the opportunities are endless when it comes to designing a small space on a dime. Making a mood board of inspiration images helps to flesh out all your ideas and get a feel for design direction. If you’re living with a friend, think about consulting with them before doing any decorating so that the space feels cohesive and lets you both bring your favourite pieces. Keep in mind the many functions of a dorm room and be sure not to eliminate a study space during your refresh.

Click through the gallery below for tips to make your dorm room the perfect home away from home.