Dispatches from London: LFW Avsh Alom, Aquascutum, and Twenty8Twelve

I made it onto Garance Doré! I can’t believe it. Besides being completely and utterly starstruck (she is the nicest lady, and so beautiful!), her comments about how London street fashion is much more cutting-edge (and borderline trashy, in some cases) than in New York, where things seem to be more polished and often very brand-driven, is definitely on the mark.

In any case, I’m loving some of the crazy fashion, which was at its sparkly extreme at yesterday’s Avsh Alom presentation. I have never seen so much glittery half-shaved hair, one-false-eyelashed craziness, and ridiculous platform shoes in one room in my entire life!
The Aquascutum presentation was interesting: Rather than doing a traditional fashion show as they have in previous seasons, they debuted two magazine collaborations and a video of a runway show—a runway show that repeated itself at three different times in the day. It was an interesting approach, and one that appealed to editors who have been going mad trying to cross London traffic in time to make every show (and undoubtedly missing a few here and there).

Last night was the Twenty8Twelve show, where we waited around for half an hour in a lounge, acting cool but wondering why we weren’t being seated. Turns out Anna was being escorted in. Of course, once we were in our seats (I was three rows behind the bobbed one!), we knew the show would soon start: Everyone knows that Anna doesn’t like to be kept waiting! Sienna and Savannah Miller are still very into the ’80s, showing plenty of high-waisted, pleated pants and shorts, cropped bustiers and acid-wash denim, all accessorized with big ribbons tied into a large bow atop the models’ heads.

Check back later for updates on the Peter Jensen (I’m a huge fan) and Ballantyne presentations, notes on this morning’s Erdem and Jeremy Scott shows and, perhaps the pinnacle of London Fashion Week, the Burberry Prorsum show tonight. Brilliant!

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