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Dior’s Saddle Bag Is the Latest Aughts Trend to Make a Comeback

Back in 1999, John Galliano sparked an obsession with the saddle bag after featuring the kidney-shaped accessory in Dior’s 2000 Spring/Summer collection. Soon it was everywhere, dangling off of Paris Hilton’s shoulder and frequently spotted on Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw’s go-to bag of choice.

The past few years have seen the gradual reintroduction of many early 2000s trends, from sparkly scrunchies to sporty fanny packs. Therefore, the saddle bag’s recent return to the fashion scene seemed pretty much inevitable.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director at Dior, this return came during the brand’s Fall/Winter 2018 show, when models were sent down the runway carrying the 90s staples. But these aren’t the same bags that debuted almost two decades ago, they’ve had quite the upgrade since.

With both sophisticated leather options and embroidered canvas pieces, there’s a version for almost anyone. Maybe you’re searching for something sleek and elegant, or maybe you’re looking for something more colourful and textured. Whatever your preference, this collection aims to appeal to everyone’s style. They’ve even brought back a monogrammed version, if you’re feeling especially nostalgic.

The saddle bag’s reemergence on the runway in February left many people anxiously awaiting its official release. Yesterday, the accessories finally dropped in Dior stores and the bags are now available in two sizes, a larger version and a mini. There are also additional straps available for purchase. Prices will range from $2,350 to $8,500 US.

“I thought this collection would be an opportunity to revive its timeless beauty,” Chiuri said in a press release. “I consider this icon of the house’s recent history the perfect accessory to deal with this battle that is daily life.”


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