Diddy sells fragrance, changes lives on HSN

Sean Diddy Combs’ debut on the Home Shopping Network last night gave us a personal look at the producer-cum-rapper-cum-entrepreneur. Diddy’s brand of self-promotion is one that translated well to the cheesiness of HSN, making the channel cool by association with his fragrances selling out in a mere 16 minutes. We spent 11 minutes and 35 seconds of our life watching Diddy and a fawning Kate-Gosselin-a-like host hawk the Sean John Ultra Plush Fleece Robe in black, gunmetal and white with “satiny tone-on-tone striping” for $59.90 and here’s what we learned. (Video after the jump.)

Diddy spends a lot of time in robes:
Host: “I learned a few moments ago that you like to lounge around in robes.”
Diddy: “Yes,” long pause. “I do.”

He has a fragrance secret:
Diddy lets a caller named Clinique in on a little tidbit: “I put on Unforgivable first, then I top it with I am King,” he says. “It’s one of my secrets, so…” Host lady really likes this combo.

His grandmother was a seamstress and he helped with her patterns and cutting: Actually, that’s pretty awesome.

He changes lives:
The host tells Diddy that in prepping for the show, he inspired her “to be a better more passionate person.” Maybe our hearts are black, but lady, they’re just robes.

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