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3 New Designers Find a Muse in Unconventional Hair Colours

“Hair colour has always been one of the strongest forms of self-expression in beauty creating noticeable changes"

This summer, FASHION launched the Ultra Color Challenge with Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color and three design fellows from The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute (SRFI). Each designer was assigned a colour from the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color line, which they had to incorporate into their designs. Stephanie Moscall-Varey was assigned Ultra Color DB Intense Bleach, Alexandra Armata 326 Deepest Violet and Quentin Tecumseh Collier 462 Temping Raspberry red.

“Hair colour has always been one of the strongest forms of self-expression in beauty creating noticeable changes,” says Keon Zhang, Marketing Director for Garnier hair colour. “Our vibrant colours are the muse for and bridge between beauty and fashion.” In addition to working with mentors from FASHION and Toronto’s Ryerson University, the fellows collaborated with Roger Medina, hair expert for Garnier. “In terms of the [designers’ garments] complementing the Nutrisse Ultra Color collection, they’re bang on,” says Medina.

Afraid to do it yourself? Roger Medina offers his best tips to get high octane colour at home:

  1. Perform a dye patch test on your skin up to 48 hours before dyeing your hair to ensure you’re not sensitive to the product.
  2. If you’re lightening your hair, don’t shampoo it for at least 24 hours beforehand as your natural oils will block any irritants from reaching your scalp.
  3. Colour your hair in a room-temperature environment. If it’s too air conditioned, your hair may not process the colour evenly.
  4. Place a towel on the surface you’ll be working over right before you colour. Have wet wipes nearby in case you spill anything.
  5. Apply the conditioner that comes in the box to your hairline so it acts as a barrier between the dye and the skin on your forehead.
  6. Don’t apply colour to the roots first. The heat from your internal body temperature will process the dye more quickly and you’ll end up with brighter roots.
  7. Leave your hair down while the colour is processing. If you put it in a bun, the dye will pool and you will end up with uneven colour.
  8. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread the dye evenly in your hair.
  9. Rinse your hair with cool water. This closes the cuticle, locks in the colour and adds shine.
  10. If you’re going blonde, using purple shampoo once or twice a week will revive the brightness and tonality.

So what looks did these colours inspire? Meet the designers and mentors below.


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