Designer profile: Your first peek at Pink Cobra’s fall collection

Photography by Derek and Sarah Blais
Photography by Derek and Sarah Blais

Tania Martins, the designer behind Toronto-based cult label Pink Cobra, is one of the city’s finest yet surprisingly underrated talents. Never one to hoard the spotlight, Martins just goes about her business⎯that business being the wildly popular Queen Street West boutique, Carte Blanche, which she co-owns with Dan Augustino and designing Cobra, the store’s in-house label that celebrates its 10th collection for fall. At 5”2, the pint-sized designer packs more natural confidence, poise, beauty and style in her tiny body than most of us could ever hope to, and translates it effortlessly into her uncomplicated collections of sexy standout LBDs and biker jackets (editors note: last fall’s version is the best jacket I’ve ever owned…)

Martins gave us the first peek at her fall 2011 collection, featuring brilliantly tailored and slashed button downs, sexy backless dresses and pleated skirts. Naturally, we NEEDED to know more…

What is this collection about?
Being human. The constant struggle between having and losing control.

Your collections all seem to seamlessly transition with the same aesthetic but yet, are completely new and fresh each time. How would you describe Pink Cobra?
I always take from past collections but change the mood according to feelings brought on by people and my surroundings at that time. Pink Cobra is fragile and fearless, feminine and masculine, light and dark always and forever.

Tania Martins shot by Joel Di Giacomo

Who do you design for?
All women. My goal is to have every woman want and love at least one piece I create.

What music were you listening to while designing the collection?
Kids & Explosions, John Lee Hooker, Babyshambles, Radiohead and Mad Mikey’s Mix

You travel a lot for work. How would you say that it informs or impacts your work?
New cities, encounters, environments, experiences and foreign daydreams help me leave my little Toronto bubble.

Pink Cobra is currently available at Carte Blanche in Toronto (785 Queen Street West, 416-532-0347) Pieces from the fall collection will be available in August.

See the Pink Cobra fall 2011 collection! »

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