3D printing, The Dude and more trippy highlights from Day 4 of Toronto Fashion Week

Fashion week is like a marathon, you have to pace yourself but as the finish line approaches it’s all about kicking things into high gear. That was the MO of Day 4 at Toronto Fashion Week—standout looks that reached a whole other stratosphere of style.

Daniel Christian Tang brought the future into the present with its show stopping 3D printed accessories resembling body armour. The smarty pants designer trio (they have backgrounds in architecture and science) referenced famous architects, like Frank Gehry, for their super futuristic pieces. Needless to say, this cutting edge crew is bringing of-the-moment technology into the spotlight in a very stylish way.

Triarchy Denim brought edge to everyday denim, from classic dark wash to bleached out. Colourful embroidered patches were stitched onto jackets, skirts and jeans—a fresh take on a tried-and-true staple and a must-have come fall. Similarly, the white hot looks featuring shredded knees à la Kim K are an insta-winner. Start making room in your closet now.

Judging by the three acts on the line sheet at Farley Chatto—The Clan, The Forest, Sylphs—a fantastical trip to the Highlands was the designer’s focus for fall. Fur took the spotlight in a range of colours (red, purple, moss green, white) and kinds (mink, coyote, fox, beaver). Sure, the fuzzy stuff stole the show but the cable knit sweaters and pleated plaid skirts are the items we’ll turn to when the temperature drops.

Hayley Elsaesser‘s fall 2016 theme “Gutterball” featured a quirky cool set of milk cartons and bowling pins, and an audio snippet of The Dude (a.k.a. Jeff Bridges) from the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. Elsaesser stayed true to her signature zippy prints—this season included bowling balls, milk cartons and scissors—but threw in a curveball too. With its slick black finish and streamlined silhouette, the faux snakeskin snap up coat dress stood out from her usual colourful fare. If Elsaesser was bowling, this would be a strike.

If you’re looking for a chic wardrobe equivalent of The Revenant then Rudsak‘s fall collection is your golden ticket. From the earthy palette to the inspo (hello Nordic forklore) to the heavy layering, the line-up was giving us serious primitive vibes. Well, primitive with an urban spin. Chunky knits, quilted puffer coats, fur-trimmed hoods and utilitarian bags cleverly balanced street style with savage. Perfect for battling bears, and your daily commute.