Daily reads: Sneaker facts, Lady Gaga decoded and East German style

Photo via yalooks.com
Photo via yalooks.com

These Bela Borsodi Fashion Faces are probably going to give me nightmares later. [What’s Wrong With the Zoo] 

Okay, is this bad or good? Courtney Love may have a clothing line, at least according to Peaches Geldof’s Twitter. [Grazia]

 Reebok is the Afrikaans spelling of a type of African antelope, and other sneaker-name facts. [WSJ]

Lady GaGa’s stylist explains just what the hell she’s wearing in her Paparazzi video. [Anthem]

A timeline of top tier New York socials. [Refinery 29]

Scenes from East Germany’s underground fashion scene. [Spiegel, via Refinery 29]

Chloë Sevigny isn’t really being that subtle about her desire to do a luxury collab. [Style File]


It is a personal life goal to attend the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena. I haven’t yet achieved this, but this girl did. [Style Rookie]

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