Daily reads: Heathers on Broadway, 3-D fashion and shop the international drugstore

Kate Moss is lending her vocal stylings to the new Lemonheads album. I know, right? The Lemonheads have a new album. [Nylon, via The Cut]

In other, open-the-vault news, Heathers is coming to Broadway next year. You better show up or it’s keggers with kids all next year. [Fashionista]

If you actually went to a kegger this weekend, 3-D prints might be a bit much for you today. [Style Bubble]

Smallflower shares your love of obscure German apothecary products with cool packaging. What’s Schutzcreme? Who cares! [Lucky]

Can’t deal with this season’s gigantic shoes. Take heart: Even the Gossip Girls have trouble walking in heels. [NYDN]

What bride wouldn’t want to look like left-at-the-altar Carrie Bradshaw on her wedding day? (Especially for the low price of $10,000.) [Fashionista]

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