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5 Cool Skateboard Tees That Aren’t by Thrasher

News flash, Thrasher tees are trending right now. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Thrasher, the OG skate mag that’s been around since 1981, has its own line of merch (read: tees), which most recently have been spotted on the fashion set, from Rihanna to models alike.

However, this doesn’t really come as a surprise—the fashion industry’s fascination with skate culture can be traced back to approximately the ’70s, and ultimately knows no bounds and shows no signs of dying (ever). And while we bow down to and respect Thrasher, there are a handful of other brands on our radar that deserve some love as well. Here, 5 tees by skate brands—two of which are Canadian—that aren’t by Thrasher.

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