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These Cool School Programs Will Help You Land Your Dream Gig

When it comes to landing your dream gig, it’s no longer about checking off the degree or diploma box on an application. The job market is competitive, and to counter that, post-secondary schools are offering new specialized programs and certificates.

“We’re finding that, more and more, interdisciplinary training is required [to find a job],” says Laurie Rancourt, senior vice-president, academic, at Humber College in Toronto. “It’s about getting a combination of credentials that is valuable for some professions.”

And with a fickle job market, many students are exploring non-traditional options, she adds. It used to be that you went to school to be a nurse or a teacher, but now the “working class” consists of a variety of jobs, from nuclear med technologist to digital-risk officer and beyond. These days, it literally pays to think outside the box.

Here are three programs that are preparing students differently for the working world.

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BeeKeeping Certificate, Humber College

Maybe you’re a chef who wants to make honey for your earth-to-table restaurant. Or maybe you’re a passionate environmentalist concerned about the extinction of bees. This new program teaches students the ins and outs of beekeeping at the Humber Arboretum.

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Learn to be a filmmaker, Vancouver Film School

We’re more enthralled with video than ever, and Vancouver Film School offers courses on all facets of moviemaking, from sound and set to animation and writing. Plus, it has 10 underground full sound-stage-sized sound film studios that used to be a 104,000-square-foot theme park. More into makeup? VFS also offers the Makeup Design for Film + Television program that focuses on building prosthetics and full-head masks as well as glamour FX and styling.

Photography by Peter Stigter

Minor in Wearable Technology, OCAD University

Fashion students tend to be early adopters, so it makes total sense that they’d sink their needles into the tech side of style. At OCAD University, you can minor in Wearable Technology, which isn’t your basic coding program. Courses include Wearable Computing and Wearable Electronics Studio.

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