Photography via Corey Moranis.

24 Pieces of Non-Metal Jewellery That Will Add Colour to Your Collection

From loops of lucite to candy-coloured beads, here are all the non-metal jewellery pieces that'll add life to your wardrobe this spring.

Colourful statements are here for spring, and they’re coming for your jewellery box. Give the gold accessories we’ve been favouring for quite some time now a day off and swap in chunky, bold-hued pieces instead. Coloured, non-metal jewellery can be found just about everywhere right now — look no further than your Instagram feed for loops of lucite from Corey Moranis that look like wearable candy and Annele’s Be Grapeful earrings that look good enough to eat. Even indie brands housed on Etsy are becoming best sellers, with jewellery fans snapping up rainbow-coloured clay rings.

Give yourself a little colour therapy and browse 24 colourful jewellery pieces that are sure to life your mood this spring and summer.