Coats by Temperature: Your Complete Guide to Dressing for Unpredictable Weather

Windy sun showers one day, muggy heat the next—one thing’s clear: Mother Nature has no master plan. This spring’s wild mood swings have made checking the weather app seem pointless, with subzero temperatures morphing into summer by lunch and back again for dinnertime. With the heavy shearlings, wools and parkas (finally!) pushed to the back of the closet, what’s left to wear?

While we can’t predict weather patterns, a quick survey of the fashion department’s coat rack lends cues to looking cute in the season’s fickle, flip flopping forecast. A trench coat is key, as are leather, denim, army and sport jackets. We’ve searched to bring you the jackets that will work overtime no matter what the mercury says (Hitting the hills for a hike? No problem. Braving the pouring rain? Piece of cake. Mid-afternoon ice cream break? We’ve got you covered.) Here’s our edit of the best coats for unpredictable weather.

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