Photography by Anastasia Garcia/Chromat

Chromat’s ‘Pool Rules’ Campaign Is Redefining Swimwear

Chromat recently unveiled their latest ad campaign and swimwear standards will never be the same.

Featuring an extremely diverse group of models, including Denise Bidot, Mama Cax, and Erika Hart, their new product launch is the architectural swim line that’s been missing from poolside fashion, making mass representation the new summer trend. The brand is known for its inclusive ethos, consistently preaching body positive mantras while also showcasing people of all ages, sizes, and gender identities in past runway shows.

Photograph courtesy of Chromat

It’s no surprise then that their current campaign, which features sizing up to 3X for the first time, embraces cellulite, stretch marks, and scars, celebrating parts of the body that are typically shamed. They are redefining the barriers associated with swimsuit season and writing (literally) their own rule book.

From banning food shaming to prohibited body policing and removal of age restrictions to respecting preferred pronouns, these rules are the new guide to summer.