Christmas Gifts for Kids: 50 stylish suggestions for children of all ages

Christmas gifts for kids
Christmas gifts for kids

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Christmas is the time when the younger ones in our lives declare what they want to see under the tree. And if you’re sick of hearing “puppy!” year after year it’s time to take back the reigns from Santa and plan creative gift ideas for kids all by yourself. While our selection of holiday gift ideas represents a wide range of ages from tiny toddlers to teenagers, they are all products that will make them look forward to your gifts for years to come.

If you want to head down the clothing route for girls, step away from the cutesy pink dresses and choose a studded and totally trendy Topshop headband—which is sure to make the other girls in class envious. And leave it to Marc Jacobs to create a high fashion version of the swappable and coveted Silly Bandz that all spell out his name—a fun and new take of the popular rubber accessory. And when you’re young, the $16 price tag means nothing, but the designer name says it all.

This holiday season is an excellent time to support the arts in your city and to give a young one an experience instead of a store-bought gift. Head to the nearest production of the holiday classic The Nutcracker for a night of jealousy inducing ballet and fun (we still go and we’re “old”). These creative gift ideas are as small as a ‘90s Troll doll or as major as a pair of printed high tops, but no matter the size, it’s a simple and effective way to show you care. So go ahead and shop our gift guide for the young guns in your life.

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