Photography via Choisi/Erkan Demiroglu

This Tech Startup Wants to Connect You With Independent Designers

Choisi is not only French for ‘chosen’,  it’s also the name of a promising California-based tech startup that aims to establish a connection between talented, lesser-known designers and consumers.

Based on the belief that too many fashion talents never receive the proper acclaim, Sherry Soliman and Tay Ung founded Choisi as a way to help indie designers reach a wider audience while connecting shoppers with the unique items they crave to make their wardrobes more individual. The site is able to recommend specific designers to each consumer according to their tastes using artificial intelligence; specifically an algorithm similar to the one Spotify uses to turn your listening history into a series of bangin’ playlists.

Soliman says Choisi’s algorithm has been tested and tweaked over the course of the past year and collects browsing history, real-time behaviour and online data in order to better suggests designers that are likeliest to be the consumer’s favourites.

Here’s a curated selection of some of the exclusive pieces from over 30 luxury designers that are available through the site.